Mirror in france

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for a mirror in France (Nantes), but everything i find is really expensive. I need a 410~x245~ mm (size of my screen) mirror.

    Maybe some of you got some spare one, i’m not looking for the best quality since i will not by the main mirror of the wall (i will do a mix of several mirrors with one of them being “magic”)

    There is some good stuff on https://www.twowaymirrors.com/smart-mirror/ but the shipping cost more than the mirror :(


  • @P1 I live in france, have you check “miroiterie” in your area, they are a lot of artisan who can do it

  • Yeah i did contact 3 “miroiterie”

    One didn’t answer, one said they didn’t cut the mirrors, one gave me a 220€ quote (because they can’t quote less than 0.5m²…)

    So no luck so far around Nantes

  • Hello,

    I live in France and I’m looking for a 2 ways mirror too…

    For the moment, the best price i found is here :

    180€/m2, minimum surface of 10cm x 10cm, 47€ for the delivery of a mirror of 80cm x 60cm…

    I am currently waiting for an offer from a “miroiterie” near my home (between Rennes and Nantes), I will post a message if the price is better.


  • Hi !

    Thanks for the link !
    The website is weird because they say “price starting 180€”, but i can add my mirror wich cost around 25€ to the basket. I’m afraid they will cancel my order due to minimum pricing :o. Do you know people who already ordered here ?


  • I think that the starting price is the price for 1m2, without options… It’s not the minimum order…

    If you go until the payment of the basket, you will have the price of the delivery, I don’t see why they would cancel the order later…

    I have a better price in the “miroiterie” BVI of Bain de Bretagne, because I live there and I don’t have to pay the delivery.

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