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My living-room Mirror

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    I’ve just finished building my MagicMirror.
    First I’d like to thank MichMich and the community around this great project.
    I’m using quite a few third-party modules and I contributed the MMM-MPR121 one that I’m using on this mirror.
    I’m using the following third-party modules:

    • googlemap
    • iFrame
    • MMM-Globe
    • MMM-ModuleScheduler
    • MMM-ProfileSwitcher
    • MMM-MPR121
    • MMM-Remote-Control
    • MMM-SystemStats
    • motiondetector
    • voicecontrol

    Here are the features I currently have implemented:

    • Display a calendar, weather forecasts and satellite earth view
    • Display my wife’s unread email list
    • Automatic display of a Google map trafic view from my home to my work location (iFrame with auto-refresh)
    • Display a webcam in an iFrame
    • Voice command (I gave it up for now since it’s not reliable enough and I don’t want to use any cloud-based voice recognition service)
    • Touch command
    • Motion detection using the PI Camera

    It should soon display a live video feed from my 3D printer too.

    I bought a used LCD monitor with built-in speakers and ordered a custom-built wooden picture frame from a local shop.
    I bought the two-sided mirror from a local shop. It’s very good looking but also very expensive (95€ for a 500x310x6mm frame).

    I made the rear box from a 65x18mm plank, glued to the picture frame.
    I secured the fixation by epoxy-gluing metal plates between the box and the frame and screwing right angle brackets between the box sides.
    The miror is attached to the wall by 2 pairs of Z-shaped clips.

    The screen is held by wooden cleats screwed into the box.


    I gave up on through-glass touch commands. It was almost working but was lacking sensitivity and the mirror would get stained very quickly.
    So I used what’s called in France ‘Parisian clips’ as touch-buttons located on the bottom side of the box.

    I’m using an MPR121 breakout board and my MMM-MPR121 module (a modified version of the MMM-Buttons module using the Adafruit MPR121 Nodejs library) to have up to 12 touch-buttons.0_1495824131036_détail attaches parisiennes intérieur.jpg
    0_1495824148935_touches de commande.jpg

    So far I’m only using 3 of them, with 2 functions on each button: a short and long touch function:

    • Button 1 - short: “default” profile
    • Button 1 - long: Shutdown the Raspberry Pi
    • Button 2 - short: “webcam” profile
    • Button 2 - long: “trafic” profile
    • Button 3: not used (yet)
    • Button 4 - short: “my wife’s” profile (display her unread emails)
    • Button 4 - long: “default” profile

    I had to put the RPi power supply further from the buttons since it was randomly triggering false touches.

    Here is the mirror in my living room:

    0_1495824174880_miroir terminé.jpg

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    Very clean but nice look. I like it

  • Bonjour,
    Je suis en pleine construction du mien, peux tu me donner des détails plus precis sur tes fichiers modules … et tes commandes boutons


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