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Can't view MM page from PC after update [Fixed]

  • I used to be able to view my Mirror’s web page from my phone & PC (nice when in the house, but not at the mirror). Yesterday I updated the MM core to the latest, and now the page won’t show remotely. Did something change in the MM core around this?

    My config.js includes:

    port: 8080,
    ipWhitelist: ["", "::ffff:", "::1", ""
              , "", ""],

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    This should work, although it whitelists all IP’s

            address: "",
            port: 8080,
            ipWhitelist: [],

  • Made that change, and still can’t view the web page remotely.
    Odd, since I was able to before the MM update.

    I can VNC into the mirror, so I know the IP is right, and it’s got a good network connection.

    Anyone have tips on seeing logs on the mirror to start troubleshooting?

  • Got it solved, but not sure what exactly fixed it.

    I changed my config lines:

        address: "",
        ipWhitelist: [],

    And then rebooted. Didn’t fix it.
    Rebooted again later, and then it was fixed.
    Very odd - but fixed is fixed!

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