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Make a mirror a touch mirror

  • Hi

    I have seen a lot of posts around making a mirror touch.

    1: over the mirror

    Infrared touch it frame: it implies to add over the mirror 4 infrared parts around the mirror. It can be multitouch and easy to put in place. The mirror glass will replace the glass provided with

    2: Between the mirror and the screen

    Reactive touch panel: the reactive touch panel will need to be over the monitor and I will need to add a two way mirror film. It s easy to put in place but I could not use a real two way mirror and it could not be multitouch. In the end the touch experience will be less smooth than a capacitive touch panel. So I will
    Need mirror two way film, réactive touch panel and the monitor…

    Capacitive touch: it is not working with a real twi way mirror because of the metal. Then I will need to use in the order a two way mirror film + a glass and the monitor. Maybe some two way mirrors are existing without metal… finally the capacitive touch is much more reactive and smooth and can be multitouch.

    Did I miss some points or is that correct?

    Are there other solutions?


  • hi
    there seems to be a company that produces two way mirrors that work with multi touch touch overlays
    although I have not tested them

    But I guess IR Touch frames are the cheapest option