Valentine's Day on your MagicMirror

  • Module Developer

    Want to show something special for Valentine’s Day on your MagicMirror?

    The MMM-Snow module by @MichMich now supports themes. The love theme floods your mirror with ascending hearts.

    alt text

    If you have MMM-Snow module installed already then just add the line for the theme setting like below.

        module: 'MMM-Snow',
        position: 'fullscreen_above',
        config: {
            flakeCount: 100,
            theme: "love"

    Besides the love theme the module features themes winter (original snow flakes) and water (ascending bubbles). Maybe you have ideas for other themes? See also module’s documentation for details on how to add new ones.

  • @pinsdorf I like the idea to integrate multiple stuff in a single module, maybe its worth it though to create a new dedicated themes module, because the name snow isn’t really descriptive anymore.

  • Module Developer

    Thanks. I agree with you on the module naming. However, the algorithm is still the original for snow flakes. This may justify the name?!

    At least in the code I tried to be very diligent about naming schema: “flakes” are things that move on the screen, while “snow”, “hearts” or “bubbles” are themed items. See code comment in MMM-Snow.js.

  • Any help/thoughts on screen resolution?
    When I have my screen at 1280x720 MMM-Snow looks smooth and fantastic, but all my other modules don’t fit well, I tried changing the font size on my custom css but cant get it to fit well.
    But when its at 1920x1080 its choppy and does not look so good, and all my other modules are perfect.

    Great module in any form! Thanks

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