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Google Assistant Questions

  • I just got my mic from Amazon I am looking to get Google Assistant to work with my mirror. My main reason for this is to ask GA to play my favorite morning radio show from iHeartradio(which my current Google Home speaker can do). In the future I would like GA to configure what modules are displayed on the mirror also.
    I am new to pi and have some noob questions…What is the difference between installing GA on the pi outside of MM and installing the MMM-Google Assistant module? Can either way give me the same results?..and also if I already have a GA speaker in my house is doing either of these redundant and unnecessary?
    As of right now I can use GA on my phone to show or hide modules on the mirror using MMM-Remote Control, Tasker, AutoVoice and AutoInput. Its a bit clunky but works for now…I’m thinking GA integration of some kind would be better???

  • Module Developer

    @budwha There’s no difference installing the GA outside MM. MMM-Google Assistant uses an updated GA script to communicate with the MM module.

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