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MMM-Snow Activation at Month

  • Hello Guys,

    i want to modify the Module MMM-Snow. The Module should only activate by Month. I test it with this Function only for Dezember…Later in Arry for Dezember until Februar…

    var D = new Date();
    var month = D.getmonth



    but it works not! Were is the Problem?

  • Just do an if statement inside the getDom function like this…

    var D = new Date();
    var month = D.getmonth;

    If (month === “11”) {
    magic happens here…

  • OK, i test this. But it works not by replaces “11” to “1” because February

  • To do:

    • Create the configure property for this option.
    • Make it and do a pull request to the MMM-Snow github project.

    I read it here beacose i can’t do thats for this time. If i can more later i do that but if anywone can do that it’s cool.