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How can I set the Zoom on MM?

  • Hello,
    Is there any way to set the Zoom function to remain where I set it?

    I need to keep Zooming Out x 6 on my MM (on a PC, and through a 55" TV on Landscape) everytime I Quit/Exit/Minimise — alt>view>Zoom Out, and would obviously like it to be hard set at my chosen Zoom level.


  • Module Developer


    These should survive a reboot.

    Default Display Size = Control and 0 (That’s a zero)

    Zoom In = Control and Shift and = (That’s an equals sign)

    Zoom Out = Control and - (That’s a dash/minus sign)

    Unless you have code that overrides it

  • @Mykle1

    Thanks again Mykle, I thought to make a seperate post about this as it may get buried in my other post, and anyone looking for this subject in the seach would not find it in the other, unrelated post.

  • Module Developer

    I think there is also a zoom factor setting in config.js. Would this help?

    See documentation on zoom config setting:

    This allows to scale the mirror contents with a given zoom factor. The default value is 1.0