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Not reading RSS

  • Im trying to put this RSS ( but the module just stays on “loading”
    Any guesses?

  • @goncalovsc Does the default config work, showing NYT headlines?

    module: "newsfeed",
    position: "bottom_bar",
      config: {
        feeds: [{
          title: "New York Times",
          url: "",

    What happens when you run the following in the terminal from your MM?


    Does this mean you succeeded in installing MM given your earlier post?

  • Yeah, i installed an older version of raspian and it worken now, 2 months later. With the NY Times it works, but with my RSS it just stays on loading

  • @ninjabreadman said in Not reading RSS:


    I understood what you meened now, i runned that command and it loaded the RSS, but in the magicMirror app just says loading

  • @goncalovsc That was just to check that the MM could reach

    Hmm, if it works with NYT, it may have a problem parsing your RSS feed. Start your MM with npm start dev to see errors in both Terminal and the Chrome/Electron JavaScript console.

    The RSS feed contains errors, but it still loads for me:

    0_1521165345095_Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 9.54.56 PM.png

  • This is my newsfeed.js file

    // Default module config.
    	defaults: {
    		feeds: [
    				title: "Ultimas Noticias",
    				url: "",
    				encoding: "UTF-8" //ISO-8859-1
    		showSourceTitle: true,
    		showPublishDate: true,
    		showDescription: false,
    		wrapTitle: true,
    		wrapDescription: true,
    		truncDescription: true,
    		lengthDescription: 400,
    		hideLoading: false,
    		reloadInterval: 5 * 60 * 1000, // every 5 minutes
    		updateInterval: 10 * 1000,
    		animationSpeed: 2.5 * 1000,
    		maxNewsItems: 0, // 0 for unlimited
    		ignoreOldItems: false,
    		ignoreOlderThan: 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000, // 1 day
    		removeStartTags: "",
    		removeEndTags: "",
    		startTags: [],
    		endTags: [],
    		prohibitedWords: []
    	// Define required scripts.
    	getScripts: function() {
    		return ["moment.js"];

    Any idea why its stuck on loading?

  • @goncalovsc Is that your full newsfeed.js file? That is definitely not the complete file. Suggest running git checkout ~/MagicMirror/modules/newsfeed.js in Terminal.

    Best practice is to not edit your module files (e.g. newsfeed.js). Instead, override the defaults with your own settings in config/config.js.

  • Thanks for the help, it was an “http://” that was missing :p
    But Now i have the se=ame problem that you had, a lot of "?"appears in special caracthers like “ç”, “ó”, etc.
    Any solution?

  • I discovered now how to fix, just changed the encoding in both files and its working

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