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Light behind the mirror

  • Hello –

    I’ve been watching this for years, loving the concept but not having a good spot for it.

    Now I do. Bathroom mirror broke, frame is usable. roughly 80cm wide and 60 high, there’s power behind it, even switchable, so the presence sensor in the room could switch off the screen. Perfect.

    One thing, though: the current mirror has an integrated lamp (rectangular cutout of the mirror film with a tube mounted behind it, breaks all the time). The concept of having a light there is enjoyed by the wife, so something similar is required. I guess it’s for make up 🙂

    If the non-screen portion of the mirror has an LED stripe mounted behind it, it’s probably quite visible, but would it actually push out enough light to be usable as room light? Any adverse effects to the screen I should expect with that kind of setup?

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    I would just be sure to cover the rear of the mirror with something to block the light from shining through. That would surely ruin your experience.

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