• Module Developer

    Hello MagicMirror users,

    I have been working to improve Matteos Danelli’s cryptocurrency module.

    To add your own assets and get a proper layout I had to rewrite a big part of the module. In this module I am retrieving 2 data sets to get all data together.

    It is currently available in English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano, Swedish if you can help adding languages it would be great.


    0_1522252122138_portfolio new.png
    (hope my assets rise again soon ;-)

  • Very cool. Would you add Feathercoin and Nexus images to the repo?

    2_1524598358179_feather-white.png 1_1524598358179_white-square-nexus-logo.png 0_1524598358178_blue-square-nexus-logo.png

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