MMM-FMI - (Find My iPhone)

  • Module Developer



    • A MagicMirror module that beeps your iPhone and tells you its location.

    How many times have you misplaced your iPhone? You know it’s around there somewhere! Do you ask someone to call your phone? What if no one is there to help you? And what if your iPhone is on mute. That doesn’t make finding it any easier. And what if you really lost your iPhone, or even worse, someone stole it?

    This module will send loud beeps to your iPhone, even if it’s on mute, and will tell you it’s location.




    Version 1.0.0

    I’ve disabled the “distance” feature temporarily. The data for that is not always reliable. However, the “location” feature seems 99% accurate.

    As of right now, it requires the ability to click, whether by mouse or touch. I’ve got some ideas that I’m considering for that.