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sendSocketNotification not working

  • Module Developer


    Does anybody know whether you can use sendSocketNotification when using nested Request functions?

    Basically, the way the api works, is that you have to login to get a sessionID and then I have another request using that sessionID to pull back JSON data. For some reason the second requests sendSocketNotification is working fine, but the first one isn’t.

    The first request is definitely working, as the sessionID is being pulled from the response.

    I’m trying to do this so I can update the MMM-Hive module as British Gas made some changes and the module no longer works.

  • Module Developer

    If you look at the MMM-Hive code, what I am trying to do, is add a sendSocketNotification to the 2nd request in the node_helper.js. The second and third requests in node_helper.js are the ‘nested’ ones.

  • Module Developer

    Got this sorted - found there is another url that holds the information so added another request. The request I was having issues with was a post request, whereas the one I am using is a get.

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