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plz updated electron and spectron packages.

  • First, I’m sorry.
    I can not speak English very well.
    It depends on google translator.

    I do not use Raspberry Pi, but I tried several things because I wanted to use MM.

    After installing ubuntu 16.04 on vmware workstation, it worked successfully after installing MM.
    And odrold-ux4 succeeded and succeeded in artik530.

    After finishing the practice, I tried to install MM on artik710s and I failed.

    The problem is that the artik710s is arm64, although it is not accurate because it does not have expertise.

    In this regard, I wrote here.

    With my short knowledge, I think it would be possible to change the package below.

    1. electron version
      The package has an arm64 package starting at 1.8 or higher.
    2. Spectron version
      The electron-chromedriver package is installed with the spectron 3.7.x version.
      The electron-chromedriver also has an arm64 package starting at 1.8 or higher.
      The electron-chromedriver 1.8 package is installed with the spectron 3.8.0 version.

    I tried.
    Remove the package-lock.json file
    The package.json file was modified.

    "spectron": "3.7.x", -> "spectron": "3.8.0"
     "electron": "^ 1.4.15", -> "electron": "1.8.4"

    And when I did npm install and npm start, I could see the black screen.

    I know this project is Raspberry Pi, but I hope to use the two updated packages mentioned above in the next version.

    Thank you.