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Raspbian on Apple hardware - can't install MM because it's "not a Pi 2/3"

  • Hi there

    I just installed Raspbian on a USB stick so that I can prototype my MM without having to run the Pi, be in the presence of the specific monitor, etc - but upon trying to install MM, it fails immediately because the hardware platform is not recognised as a Pi 2 or 3.

    Is there any way round this? Spoofing MM, or commenting out the code that identifies the Pi version?

    Any help much appreciated, I am essentially All Noob.

  • Moderator

    @bnsrx did you git clone and npm install afterwards or did you try the automatic installation via curl?

  • I did the curl install. Think I’ll have better luck on the git clone?

  • Moderator

    @bnsrx I think it’s worth a try, yes

  • Thanks. Here’s a question though… having installed node.js on my Pixel Mac, I can’t just type “npm install && npm start” - npm isn’t recognised. If I type node -v it doesn’t recognise that, or npm -v - but it does recognise nodejs -v.

    If I type nodejs and enter that…app?, and I then type npm install && npm start, I get the response “npm should be run outside of your node repl, in your normal shell”.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  • @yawns …update,

    downloaded installers/, removed the lines in which the script sniffs your pi, saved it to my dropbox and ran it from there. Installing now, will update if successful.

    update: unsuccessful. Was going great until it hit the same problem - “npm - command not found. Unable to install dependencies.”

    I wonder why npm is not flying on this port of Pixel.

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