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My Family Info Board

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    Hello Everyone, Thanks for having such a wonderful forum loaded with tons of help and ideas. I got my RPi 3 B + last Sunday and have been playing around with it to come up with a family info board. I borrowed inspiration from many of your magicmirrors and have been able to work my way around some problems. I still haven’t decided on my final layout but am pretty happy with how it has turned out so far. I would really love to have a full google calendar displayed as a module, but haven’t found a way to do it yet.

    On another note, my RPi 3 B+ has been locking up and overheating. I have been following a thread on another board and they are some issues with some RPi 3 B +s. Hope that gets resolved soon.

    Thanks for having me and look forward to more tinkering.

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    @cmbirch1313 said in My Family Info Board:

    On another note, my RPi 3 B+ has been locking up and overheating.

    Perhaps it is locking up because of overheating. This might also be a symptom of high CPU usage. There is a thread here that discusses, in depth, the CPU usage problem. You may also want to consider a fan which dramatically lowers the cpu temperature.

  • That looks fantastic! Would you be able to share your module list and your custom css?