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Switch off the display - how to ?

  • As of now I use a pir-sensor to switch the display on and off (hdmi).
    But I cannot suppress the screensaver - does not look good .
    Via my smarthome system ( fhem ) I could use a remote switch to power the display on and off.
    I could do this sending a (URL)-command to the system.
    How can I achieve that ?

  • Module Developer

    @howi42 What module do you use for your PIR sensor? Some modules are able to directly control a Relais for the monitors power supply.

  • Not sure if I understand the issue.

    You want to inhibit the screensaver?

    I have a script in the startup:

    xset -dpms # disable DPMS (Energy Star) features.
    xset s off # disable screen saver
    xset s noblank # don’t blank the video device
    unclutter & # loose the cursor

    This works for me on a Pi0 which doesn’t have a desktop, might be different if you have a console loaded at boot.
    Others have mentioned installing the screensaver app and using that to inhibit the display blanking.

    If you want to switch the display from a phone, try RasPiCheck (available from Google Play) & set up a couple of console commands:

    vcgencmd display_power 1 # for on
    vcgencmd display_power 0 # for off

    you’ll need SSH switched on in the Pi config & know the Pi ip-address.

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