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MM2 Blank Screen - Works on SeverOnly

  • I have seen many issues covered under the Black Screen of death issue, and I have been trough almost every page on the forum regarding this issue.

    • I am running the standard config.js file
    • I have tried removing the “en” language value
    • I have tried running NPM install in the vendor folder
    • Working great on node severonly

    Node: v5.12.0
    NPM: 3.8.6

    No immediate errors on the console other than missing API’s, which is to be expected.

    @MichMich, I know this is an rehash of an old thread, but I feel like I have tried everything. Please would you consider helping out, I am trying to bring this to project to my students in our Creative Technologies department.

    Awesome project, wish I could start exploring the third party modules already!

  • did u just install?? the current version of electron browser has a problem… i had to downgrade to get it to run

    in the MM folder

    npm remove electron
    npm install electron@1.7.9


  • @sdetweil
    Sam, if you where here I would hug you tenderly… ITS WORKING! Thank you so much! Its been a 8 hours trouble shooting session… again, thanks for the help.

    My students will sing songs of your heroism.


  • glad you got it working

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