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Calendar stopped working with recent update :(

  • Hey guys!

    the latest update for magicmirror went well.

    One issue though,
    I haven’t really ever had an easy time with the calendar module.
    I had applied a fix found somewhere on the forums here, which did some editing to the configuration js file for the calendar, which seemed to fix it.

    I don’t remember what it was, or where I found it sorry.

    I did run into an issue this morning when updating the mirror app.

    The calendar seems to sit in a ‘loading…’ state.

    I’m about to read through the module again and see what I can find, but I thought I’d ask here and see if anyone might have some facts or information regarding similar calendar issues, which might help me better locate the possible problem.



  • Interesting how my account ‘pi’ has ‘permission denied’ while trying to work in the MagicMirror folders.

    Perhaps my setup is corrupt…

  • Yep! Must have been a corrupted segment of my sd card. Had to start from scratch, and even now hold shift while loading and reinstalling Raspbian is cause errors.

    Just out of curiousity, if I don’t upgrade the MMM, how long does the ‘new version available’ popup on the top of the MMM show? Is it forever or does it eventually disappear?

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    You can always get the version you want here.

  • Finally got everything back to normal.

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