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Introduce yourself!

  • Hello friends. I just joined your forum. I really like it here.

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    @maladi said in Introduce yourself!:

    Hello friends. I just joined your forum. I really like it here.

    You just made it better! 👍

  • Domenic H. Gaddy, this side. I would love to connect with you guys.

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    Hi everyone!

    I am David Gölzhäuser, 21 Years old from Bavaria (Germany) and working as a Software Developer in the Austrian Home Automation Company Loxone.

    I made my first MagicMirror this year and I am planing on making more for our apartments next year to greet our visitors:)

    I have already contributed to a number of MagicMirror modules and even the MagicMirror project itself.

    You can find me on my Website

    Oh, and here are the modules I made 😉

  • Hello
    New here
    Can someone please help me with creating a module that will display student grades. I really need it for my thesis.

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    @ezrael-villan I recogmend you to start a new Topic. This is one is for introducing yourself.

  • Hi all, i am Roxx aka Nelson, aged 26 from Ahmedabad, india. I came to know about magic mirror from YouTube. Its so exciting to have one so i started building one for myself a week ago…

    I haven’t learned any programming or anything complicated, i am just 10 grade pass, havent studied further… i am very much interested in computers, hardware & software, robotics, motorcycles, exploring… all that i know, i have learnt from internet and by practically breaking, disassembling, re-assembling gadgets, pc, tv, ac, home appliances, etc… i always want to open it, study how it works, how could i make it better and close it!! … i make simple stuff at home, diy, modify PC’s & Motorcycles, handyman job, etc.

    Previously, i had bought arduino to make a clock but before i could make anything i lost it and dont remember where i kept it…

    Now i am working to make touchscreen magic mirror since 1st jan 2019, i ordered raspberry 3b+, hdmi cable, sd card, power adaptor,… i got these minimum components and started… I have a 50inch tv at home so for now i am trying to get MM fully functional, then i will buy touchscreen and two way mirror and build Touchscreen Magic Mirror…

    I collected all my old pc & laptop hardware to use for MM like ac-dc adaptors, wires, cooling fans, led’s, switches, etc. i wish to setup multiple cooling fans for the Rpi and the wooden frame, etc…

    currently, i am having problems with modules in MM, hardest part for me is the programming language, editing the config file, modules, etc…

    After coming to this website i noticed, its raspberry and not rasberry!


  • I’m Carl, a 40something Area Sales Representative for Pilkington NSG in the UK and I’m more than happy to answer all and any questions you may have with regards to all things glass, in particular our Mirrorview products for this industry.

  • Hi I’m new, almost 50, thought I’d try a magicmirror without the mirror, using a PI2 and 20" monitor

  • Hi all, newbie incoming! Swiss guy around 40, really into tech stuff, in need for some new challenges. About 4 Rpi runnings and another one incoming (zero w… Guess what for 😉 )
    I’m much more into soldering and hardware hack than programming.
    Hope to get and give some help.
    English or French is ok, german… nur ein bisschen


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