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Hollywood MM + Mac Display

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am student at UC San Diego studying Computer Science and I created this project with the intent to build my girlfriend a Hollywood vanity mirror and add some tech to it! The desk would serve both as a place to study/work and as a mirror for makeup, etc.

    I used an HDMI Switch box with remote to switch the display between the Magic Mirror and the MacBook Pro that is connected via a HengeDock.

    Hardware List:

    • Two way mirror[Vanity] from – 16.5L x 24.5H
    • Asus VX279Q 27in LED Monitor
    • 15 in Vertical Dock from HengeDock
    • PORTTA HDMI Switch with IR Remote
    • Raspberry Pi 3 model B

    I built the frame as well as ran all electrical wiring for the lightbulbs. On the side of the frame I have a switch with dimmer as well as two additional outlets.

    Additional Pictures Below…


    0_1476388118563_14699670_1234062243331850_1728810515_o.jpg 0_1476388297295_14658424_1234062216665186_1309795703_n.jpg

  • @Abuitime looks great! I was checking out shipping prices for a Vanity Mirror from looking to improve my two way mirror and their shipping price was more than the mirror to Canada. You guys are lucky down there!!

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    Looks interesting. Isn’t the reflection disturbing when really working with it as an external display with colors and lots of information?

  • @yawns You actually do not notice the reflection unless you pay attention to it. When you are really working and paying attention to what is on the screen, you rarely see your reflection. For the most part it functions pretty well with minor glare. It works great at night when there is not much light in the room! But works fine day time too 🙂

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