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Morning News

  • My Magic Mirror (still a work in progress) has an LCD monitor that has embedded speakers…
    When the PIR sensor picks up action in front of it, it turns on… Now is it possible, when the “screen turns on” say between the hours of 6am and 9am, that an embeded stream could be played? For example, at 7am, when I’m brushing my teeth, the BBC News Stream plays in a small area of the MagicMirror…

  • Moderator

    Anything is possible with the right tools. Right now there is no official module that does that, however that doesn’t mean one hasn’t been written (and I don’t know about it) or that one could be written. This of course assuming those streams are available to draw from …

  • Hi @doughall , not related to your suggestion, though I think it would be awesome! how did you get the PIR Sensor working? I’ve been having a “white screen” issue the las couple of days. I haven’t modified any configurations, just simply installed as the tutorial says. Please help! 😞

  • Module Developer

    Hi @doughall,
    I am currently working on such a module which downloads videos from a podcast and displays them by clicking a button.
    I think I can finish my work this weekend. Currently it will only work when used in combination with my Button module but I think we can extend it from time to time (f.e. PIR-Sensor, speech recognition support).

  • Module Developer

    I just released my modules :

    Sadly it is not possible to just stream videos, so we need to download them first and then display with a local player.
    If you have any questions just contact me 🙂

  • Admin

    @PtrBld please add them to the wiki and the module showcase thread!

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