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    MMM-AssistantMk2 is an embedded google assistant on MagicMirror. This is more improved than my last MMM-Assistant.

    What is different from my prior?

    I made MMM-Assistant last year, But it was notorious for its difficulty of installation and configuration. And it was based on the old APIs and dependencies. I was so disappointed with its limitation, so I have half forgotten this module and it was almost abandoned. Sorry about that to everyone. (And special Thanks to @E3V3A and many participants for maintenance project during my absence)
    Now, the environments are improved. Google has also released new sdks, new tools and ‘Assistant for device’. It means, there is no need of ‘Commander’ anymore. Custom commands(actions) could be integrated into Assistant itself.

    So, I’d made this module newly.


    • pure javascript, no other python program or daemon needed.
    • Hotword(MMM-Hotword) and Assistant(MMM-AssistantMk2) are separated. Now you can wake up your Assistant with other modules. (e.g; H/W buttons or other module notifications or anything)
    • Command mode is deprecated. Now Google Assistant itself has the ability to react with a custom action. And possible to use IFTTT or transcriptionHooking.)
    • Visual response!!! (like Google Home with screen or Google Assistant on your phone, but some functions are limited or missed.)
    • Multi-user supported.
    • Auto find Youtube clip and playing.


    - For customized Google Action for MagicMirror sample.


    Voice commands demo
    Voice commands demo

    Multi profile demo
    Multi profile and language demo

    other stuffs
    Touchscreen version without Hotword


    • MagicMirror : 2.4.1
    • nodeJS : 8.11.3 & 10.0.x
    • SBC : Asus TinkerBoard & Raspberry Pi 3 / Kiosk mode and Serveronly mode both work.

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  • @Sean I especially love how you splitted the single parts into different Modules, so you can easily use parts of your stuff without having to edit the code first 🙂

  • Module Developer

    @maxbachmann My prior always give me some kind of maintenance-phobia, So, I break into 4 modules for maintenance and better usages. Thanx for your appreciation.

  • @Sean I know the trouble gets a nightmare to maintain code thats not splitted properly

  • @sean


    I followed installation step by step until configuration part. credentials works fine when test.js ran.

    Once reboot, i initially had blank screen but once electron build completed, i have mic icon on MM but unable to activate google assistant. I am using default config.js with single default profile.

    I am using HDMI as output from TV which confirmed working after forcing HDMI output via raspi-config.

    As input, I use USB Mini Microphone which confirmed after command “arecord -l” ran.

    Do i need to install MMM-Hotword & MMM-NotificationTrigger too?

  • Module Developer

    Unless using other awakener or touchscreen, you need MMM-Hotword &MMM-NotificationTrigger.

  • Apparently my microphone was not setup correctly. without MMM-Hotword and MMM-NotificationTrigger, it works but i have manually click the mic icon on every interaction with GA.

    All i need is to use the hotword module to trigger the GA. The sample config file is too complicated for me and i don’t use IFTTT, GAction, etc.

    Please help.

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    How can I help you? Give me a detail.
    If you need personal contact;
    Telegram: @eouia

  • Sean, thanks for the help and patience, finally managed to work out the issue.

    it was mainly with improper setting on .asoundrc and config.js

    This is hands down the best voice recognition with visual there is.

    One small thing I noticed is the youtube video opened sometimes throw “invalid parameter”. Could it be default youtube parameter on config.js?

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    @komodoteler Most of those cases are, “Not allowed playing on ‘embeded player(out of youtube)’ by Authorities”.

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