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Alexa Integration like QAIO Smart Mirror

  • Hello everyone! Planning to build my own magic mirror and wondering if I can integrate amazon’s Alexa voice control. Is that possible? I just saw this feature from QAIO smart mirror, wonderful product but I think it’s pricy and still prefer to build my own. Thanks, really need your thoughts!

  • Yes it is absolutely possible. Although I can’t tell you how good existing alexa modules for MM2 are, since I personally would never let a alexa near my house lol 🤣
    But in general you just need to create a skill for alexa with the features and a listener module for MM2 that reacts to whatever the skill outputs (or when you just want to use existing stuff on MM2 only something listening)
    I don’t know wether this works and it did not really get changed in the last months, but should be at least a good start on how to create the feature

  • @danielnewy If you really want to have alexa voice control and would cost less and wouldn’t take up much time, I suggest you just buy the Qaio Smart Mirror. Easier, Faster, more Convenient. just a piece of my cake. 🙂