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  • Hello,

    after struggling with existing iFrame modules, I decided to create my own…

    Here are some other iFrame module :

    The functionnalities of my new iFrame module :

    • Allow periodic refresh of the iFrame, or not (configurable), this allow to display images (with refresh) or video (without refresh)
    • Ping the URL before trying to display the content. Display an error (with the last successful PING date and time) if the host is not reachable. PING code from MMM-Ping by CFenner
    • If a PIR-sensor using MMM-PIR-Sensor module is used, the iFrame will not be updated during screen off (this behavior works also with all other module that send the notification “USER_PRESENCE”) and will be refresh with screen on.
    • If the iFrame-Ping module is hidden (by REMOTE-CONTROL or any Carousel module for example), the iFrame will not be updated. As soon as one MMM-iFrame-Ping module will be again displayed on the screen, an update will be requested.
    • Possibility to display the date and time of the last update request (configurable)
    • CSS file

    I tested it with MM² version 2.4.1.

    I hope it can also be helpful for others, please let me know any issue.

    Some screenshot :
    Display YouTube :

    Display camera snapshot (with updates) :

    PING Nok :
    0_1532871391253_MMM-iFrame-Ping_Nok_with update display.png

    PING Ok, iFrame upload on-going :

    All infos and installation instruction :

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