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Problem update

  • Hello,
    I would like an update but I have the following message:
    Error: Your local changes to the following files will be overwritten:
    modules / default / compliments / compliments.js
    Please validate your changes or store them before you can merge.

    To update, I’m in the MaggicMirror directory and I run the git pull command
    Thanks for your help.

  • It looks like you made changes to your compliments.js. Did you add compliments to the module? It’s generally better to add them to the config.js instead.
    I’d suggest to move your new compliments over to the config.js, undo the changes in the compliments.js and then run the update.

  • Module Developer

    If you dont need your changes in your compliment module, you can try following commands (in the folder you are trying to update via git pull)

    git reset --hard
    git pull origin master

    Do some post installations (if required).


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