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countdown module for repeating aniversary

  • Dears,
    I’m looking for remnider of periodical aniversary. Something got remaining marriage aniversary, b-day, … something like MMM-doomsDay without specify the year. Coutdown to x-mass for kids,…
    OK, I can have in MMM-doomsDay countdown for x-mass this year and 2019, 2020… but it will consume a lot of space on the mirror. or I can edit it every single year…

    thanks for ideas

  • Module Developer

    As you said, MMM-doomsDay isn’t really the module you’re looking for. I wrote a possible solution as an answer to your question in the other thread. But the downside is, it’d only be possible for one event as that module can’t even list several events (at least that’s what I saw from a short look at the code).

    So in your case I’d take MMM-doomsDay and built your own module from that with the code changes I posted in the other thread.

  • Module Developer

    Well, I hope you like this;


  • @sean wow, thx. You are the magic man. This is excatly, what I was looking for. Simply perfect. Thank you very much!!!


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