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Removing reflective film/coating?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a question regarding mirror coatings/films and while it’s not for a magic mirror project I think it’s close.

    I bought a smart DVR mirror for my car from aliexpress

    Now, it works as advertised but in bright daylight the picture is hard to see. The mirror streams my rear view anyway so I don’t really have a need for an actual reflective surface (unless of course the display behind the glass failed, but then i’d replace/repair anyway)

    So what I want to do is remove the reflective coating/film entirely. The glass is also a digitizer, but it looks like the digitizer is under the glass and the glass is sandwiched on top. The reflective surface is on top and not behind the glass, judging from the reflection (I tested with my finger and there’s no gap).

    Now, what chemical do I use to remove this so that I can see the panel behind the glass better? If it’s a film, can I just use heat? Will I damage the digitizer?

    I’ve already tried white spirit and acetone-free nail polish remover to no effect (which is great, because I guess it should be durable). But I really want that coating gone! After which I will probably put an anti-reflective coating on it instead.

  • Usually with window film install directions there is a warning not to use Windex o clean as the ammonia eats at the film.
    you can try that however you may get unexpected results (spotting or streaking)

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    A fresh, clean, flat razor blade held almost horizontal to the glass surface, as if you were removing a registration/inspection sticker from the windshield of your car. Perhaps a solvent that would aid in the softening of the adhesive.

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