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skip or avoid displaying raspberry pi booting process on monitor

  • I do not know whether this is possible or not, but I would like my rpi to avoid displaying the boot process on monitor and start the monitor only after mm module will run, is it possible to start monitor after some time interval like 30 sec? if yes how?

  • Do you want a customized boot screen or do you just want the LCD to be turned on when the booting process is finished and MM is active?

    In my case I have a PIR-sensor with a relay to trigger my LCD when a person is in front of the mirror. The script for the PIR/relay is loaded when the Pi boots up. That means the LCD stays off until the script is loaded, so the first thing I see is MM loading the modules.

    For the splashscreen you can have a look here (haven’t tried it myself).

  • Either a customized boot screen or turn on screen after booting process finish and magic mirror is active anything will do. the splash screen thing you said, I already had a look on the same in this video but it still shows the booting process on the screen and then it shows the video or image, see the video from 4.49 to 5.03, I want to skip that or turn on monitor after that, is there any way to do that?

  • Well, there is still the option with the relay and a script that activates the relay (-> powering on the monitor) once the Pi has completed the boot process.

  • how, can I turn on the relay after some time interval?