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Can You connect to MM server via laptop?

  • I have my Raspberry Pi running MM in server mode and I can access this from my pi browser however I can’t connect from another device.
    I plan to create a few mirrors with old tablets and or Old phones.
    the problem I’m having is I can’t connect with anything other then my pi.
    I’ve edited the config.js file so the whitelist is set to all IPs []
    I even tried setting to my laptops current IP (
    Am I missing something or is this not possible?

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    This used to work on older versions of MM. You can try this at the beginning of your config.js.

    var config = {
    	address: "",
    	port: 8080,
    	ipWhitelist: [], // Set [] to allow all IP addresses

  • @mykle1 said in Can You connect to MM server via laptop?:

    address: “”

    address: “” was the key ,thanks, I can now view from My laptop. However this doesn’t work for my old tablet ☹
    It maybe something to do with its browser as I only get a black screen.
    Tablet is running Android 2.3.1 so it may be too old. ☹

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    You’re welcome. I have an old iPad that doesn’t work in the way, also.

  • I tested a few phones now and it seems to be a browser issue.
    I downloaded Chrome to a old phone that wouldn’t display MM using it’s default browser. this Now displays MM. 😊
    Unfortunately my old tablet will not down load this. I suspect it is to old to handle it. Sadly I had built a mirror for this tablet so looks like I need to find an app till I create something to show MM content on this tablet.

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