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MMM-voice commands/Page selector help

  • Sorry guys but another noobie question. I have installed MMM-voice commands and MMM-page selector. I added example code to my config.js and the page selector module loads page 1 just as it should. when I try to change pages with voice commands ( hello Mirror go to page 2 or select page 2 or page up) and nothing happens. I’m assuming there is something I need to add to a file to make “voice commands” hear and react to the command. i read in the readme file that I need to send a notification " this.sendNotification(“PAGE_SELECT”, “2”);" but am not sure where this goes. any help would be appreciated.


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    @sgault MMM-voice has no native support for page selection, either you create a module or maybe there is already one, that has support to do this.

  • Thanks strawberry 3.141 but I was trying to use MMM-Voice-Commands (it says it works with MMM-Page-Selector) not MMM-voice. After further investigation I think I’ll try MMM-Hello-Lucy (with MMM-Voice) and see if I have any better luck. Mykle1’s instruction seem to very thorough. thanks for the reply though.

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    @sgault You can convert or relay notifications from one to another with MMM-NotificationTrigger

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