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Strip Down Guide for BenQ 28" VA Monitor GC2870H

  • I have a sensor that allows changing the sensitivity but for me the lowest was still to much as it got triggered when somebody walked by outside my house. I am using a PIR-Sensor now.

  • @bachoo786 apparently it also depends on the quality of the sensor, I ordered a batch on ebay and got lucky with one where I have to get really close to the glass to trigger it. at first I thought I would change it, but now I am satisfied because it fits the purpose of just activating in case the mirror is off and the other power-on / off logic didn’t work (guests at home). But if I had to redesign I would not use a sensor at all as my other ways of powering the mirror seem far more integrated, e.g. I do not want to see the mirror turn on and / off as this disturbs the design.

  • @MadScientist is your pir visible near your mirror?as it wouldn’t work behind the mirror.

    @yep_DD are you talking about the rcwl0516? I have read that using a low value resistor can decrease the range of detection up to 5cm. Trouble is I don’t where to connect the additional resistor and the low value of it too.

  • I have it incorporated in the frame. I drilled a 2 or 3mm hole in the front of the frame and a 8mm hole from the back which only goes half way through. The 8mm are perfect to mount the PIR sensor without the lense. The mirror only activates when you are directly in front of it and it’s hardly visible.

  • @madscientist is it possible to share a photo please?

  • View from the back:

    View from the front:

    PIR sensor without IR lense and the inside-8mm-hole:

  • @madscientist very well done and looks neat thanks for that