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Newb User with multiple Questions

  • Just wanted to introduce myself and see if what I’m thinking of doing is logical.

    I’m a c# programmer and am also fluent in js. I’m looking forward to desinging my own Interface and pulling data from various sources. I’m not familiar with node.js (i believe MM uses node.js) but willing to learn.

    I own a RP3

    Some of what I’d like to do:

    • Connect to Apple and allow whoever is in front of the Mirror to change the current user (from myself to my wife’s account) and then choose a playlist and play music
    • Connect to a wireless sound system (perhaps) a Sonos
    • Use Touch or Voice to perform the above
    • Have the screen turn to turn on/off based on motion (?)

    I guess I just want to be certain that nay or all of the above is at least doable before I start going down ths rabbt hole.

    Thx in advance!


  • Module Developer


    • What is the mean of connecting Apple? There is no way of deriving information from iPhone unless you make your iOS App which can transmit information or interact with MM. For OSX, could be a little easier than iPhone.
      Anyway, You can use Shairport and MMM-ShairportMetadata for streaming from your Music App
    • For Sonos, MMM-Sonos could be a help.
    • There are some Touch-related and Voice-related modules. Search
    • Maybe you can do that with USB/Pi Cam or Ultrasonic Sensor or PIR Sensor or any other USB/GPIO/Arduino Sensors.

  • Thank you for your response…

    To clarify the first point…I’d like to be able to use the RPI to play either my music or my wife’s music from our Apple Familt account. I was inquiring as to whether anyone had created a Module that

    • Played music from Apple Music
    • Allowed for Multiple User Accounts

    My wife has an iPhone and I use Android so ideally, no connection to our mobile devices but rather an app that runs right on the RPI that could connect to Apple Music…(to be fair, I don’t know if Apple even allows this?)

  • Module Developer

    If Shairport is running on your RPI(or PC), you can request your iPhone to stream it’s sound to any Shairport device(RPI or PC). It is similar to using Bluetooth speaker or AirPlay.
    But it doesn’t mean songs can be derived from your Apple Music account But from your iPhone directly (in the same WLAN area)
    And there is no other way of playing music from Apple devices.

  • Ok, got it.

    Thank you.


    I was just looking at the Sonos website and thei latest speaker (Sonos One) has Alexa built into it. Now I think that’s a better solution and I would want to see if i can retireve the current song ad metadata through the Sonos.

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