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Configure wi-fi within Magic Mirror OS (with touch)

  • I’d like to be able to connect to the wifi without resorting to the Raspberry Interface. Ideally, I would want my mom to be able to turn it on, fill in the wifi-data and done! All the pre-installed modules start showing up to date info. Is there a module out there that let’s me do that (it will be a touch magic mirror)? 😃

    ps. I totally love playing with the magic mirror. It’s so cool! And the community is great ^^

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    @cudles said in Configure wi-fi within Magic Mirror OS (with touch):

    Is there a module out there that let’s me do that

    I don’t think so but why don’t you get the wifi info beforehand and enter it for your mom? All she will have to do is turn it on and enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I used my mom as an example of a person who does not have a lot of knowledge about tech. I am exploring how feasible it is to make magic mirrors ready-made and pre-installed. So people can just hang it up, put in their wifi codes, and get going, without me having to be there!

    I should have elaborated more and stated my purpose more clearly. Apologies for that. In all honesty, I thought I would get more replies if I left the commercial aspect out of it. But that is not really fair to anyone, so there it is 🙂

  • I understand what you mean. Although I am not quite sure why a program that asks for Wifi name and password should be easier to handle for the average joe then clicking the wifi button on a OS and typing in the password which is a lot close to what they are know from their Windows system and do not have to understand another UI they need only for the first Setup.

    Well however when you really want to do this for the average joe so he has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything but their favourite spysystem windows 😉 I would write a windows tool for it. Either one doing it over SSH (which I do not really like because the average joe will just leave SSH open with standard key and you have to explain them what the heck is SSH and how to activate it) or just let the user plugin their SD card which they have to do anyways when installing Linux and let the program edit the file including all Wifi logins. For the rest of MM2 you could do a preset Image of debian that already has MM2 setup (maybe create a auto update tool for debian that just checks for OS and MM2 updates once a day

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