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change height of region

  • Hi,

    I have been playing around with this system ( which is great by the way !!), and I re-wrote a module that is displayed in the top_left and top_right regions.

    I show a ranking list based on a JSON file and I would like to show at least 10 items. The default height cuts off @ around 6-ish.
    Is there a way to change the height of these regoins ?


    I tried in the custom.css the following without succes:

    .region.top_left {
        height: 800px;


  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    The module does this with no other module running? If so, something in the module itself (or css) is constraining the height. The module should occupy the space it needs to display all the content. If other modules are running then they could be affecting your module.

  • No the module is running fine, I just found out that (probably) the amount of JSON data was the problem.
    I added a “slice” to the data and all is working as expected.

    Nice !! 😃

  • Module Developer

    I think that is not the problem of region height. I guess the height of module might be fixed. (or max-height might be set) Which module do you use? See the module’s css.

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