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Server <> Client communication

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    Dear all,

    I plan to use a docker version of MagicMirror as serveronly to have a speedy backend while keeping the low profile clientonly Raspberry Pi as frontend behind my home mirror.

    Is it possible for those two endpoints to share data in a way, that I could forward local button presses/gpio input to the docker-version to trigger actions on the screen or playback audio through the local Raspberry Pi?

    Thanks for any ideas!

  • i don’t think there is any mechanism built in to support this… but, you could use MMM-RemoteControl on the server side that accepts api requests.

    then on the RPI you would have to write some background tasks to interact with the local devices
    and send requests.

    you ‘might’ be able to inject those handlers into the MM front end by modifying the index.html

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    @sdetweil Thanks for pointing me at MMM-RemoteControl. I will try this as a first unidirectional approach.

    In the long run, it would be great if we had two-way module / MM core capability that could communicate with node clientonly instances. I think the need for this will increase, as more and more MM-instances might be hosted within a Docker image.

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