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Move from Raspberry Pi3 to Pi3b+ ??

  • Hi folks,

    is there a easy way to port the existing Mirror Image from Pi3 SD/Card (or USB Stick) to my new Raspi 3B+ ?

    a Simple boot from the new Raspi wont work.

    I will change my old Pi because the temperature of the Mirror is by 65-70 degrease.
    Now i have a new PI3b+ with a fan in the case and i hope the temperature will now go down …


  • @sandy2503 Hey there, normally this should not be a problem. In my case I cloned the image of my old pi and inserted it at the new 3B+. If this does not work you have to use the hard way and install MMM again on your 3B+, copy your modules and your config to the new 3B+. Good luck

  • Module Developer

    You need a rather new stretch image on the pi3b+, otherwise it will not work.
    The PI3b+ does not boot with jessie images or older ( i THINK < July 2017) stretch images

    Im my opinion it’s better to install raspbian and magic mirror and all the modules manually and then copy config.js and custom.css.

    You could also try to copy the whole modules folder…
    But please consider that if you just copy over the module folders, you might get problems with npm searching for dependencies that are not there anymore.
    Therefore I would suggest the longer but safe way…

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