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Broken PI ...need help for saving config

  • Hi all,
    yesterday i did an upgrade to my mm-pi (sudo apt-get upgrade)
    Unfortunately during the installation my son switched off the power supply.
    Now the pi starts but do not display anything (i think the mm hangs somewhere…)
    Connecting a keyboard and a mouse bring not any benefit.
    I am not unhappy about seeting up the system new…but the config file i want to restore.
    Is there a possibility to get this config file restored…

    I am not an expert
    I was not able to see the mm folder while searching throught the sd card on an windows pc.

    Thanks a lot for any help


  • Does nobody has any idea?


  • Get the Sd Card out and use a Card Reader on another Linux PC! There you van Mount the sd and get your config.js file

  • On Windows you can try:

    Paragon Linux FS Driver for Windows

    an than try to copy you data


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    To expand upon @eviltrooper’s suggestion:

    Pull the SD card out of your Raspberry Pi. Using an adapter, plug the card into another computer (most likely a Windows-based computer). Once the card is plugged in, the data on the drive will appear. You need to copy the config.js file from the SD card to your other computer.

    If you’re using a Windows PC, the computer will display two connected drives. One of them will demand that you format before you can use it. Don’t do that. The other drive will show you a file structure.

    On the drive with folders, navigate to Home -> pi -> Magic Mirror -> config. You’ll find the config.js file in there. Copy it to your PC, somewhere where you can find it again.

    At that point, you’ll want to restart the process to format the SD card and install the Raspberry Pi OS from the tutorial.

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