Hello World modul

  • Hi, a little questions. If I use the config option text: “Hello World” in the Hello World module fpr example. I have the problem the text Hello World will display to big. My question how can i config the hight of this Words? I have try the html parameter but they produce only misstakes. I found out then I write
    between the Word they will past the second word in a new line. Because of that i think maybe html code will work. But no.

    greets gismo

  • @gismo2006 you could use the predefined classes from main.css like

    text: "<div>Hello World</div>"


    text: "<div>Hello World</div>"

  • OK, thank you. Dud I understand right? I have to create in my module folder a file called main.css? And there I have to put your code? Is this right? Will it load them alone or have I to put some code in my *.js file to? Sorry, but I never worked whit css 🙂

    Greets gismo

  • @gismo2006 you mentioned that you want to put this in the helloworld module, so my example should go into the config

        module: "helloworld",
        position: "bottom_bar",
        config: {
            text: "<div>Hello World</div>"

  • Oh OK sorry I I haven’t understand you right. It was my mistake. I will try your post tonight. Thank you again

    Greets gismo