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Weekdays in standard calendar module

  • Module Developer

    Hi all!
    I’m using the standard calendar module and am looking for a way to show the next days as absolute week days.
    So, instead of the option “relative” which shows something like “in 2 days” I’d like to show " Wednesday" and the time.
    I can’t find it as an option in the module. Anyone got an idea?

  • Module Developer

    @lavolp3 OK, for those who are interested I have managed to implement it myself locally into calendar.js

    You can see that “urgency” dates are now shown as weekdays (in the first calendar) and not as relative ones. I have added a further variable “urgencyStyle” to choose between relative (“in xx days”) and absolute (“xday”) dates as soon as urgency hits.


    Still working on the git workflow and creating a PR. Git is a monster 🙂

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