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Calendar: Some symbols not working

  • I wanted to use the symbol “futbol” in one of my calendars but for some reason there is no symbol displayed. I found out that this is the case for quite a few others, too (volleyball-ball, football-ball, quidditch).

    Is there anything I am doing wrong?
    –> Symbol source

                module: "calendar",
                header: "FC Bayern",
                position: "top_left",
                config: {
                    displaySymbol: true,
                    maximumEntries: "4",
                    timeFormat: "absolute",
                    getRelative: "0",
                    urgency: "0",
                    dateFormat: "DD.MM HH:mm",
                    FullDayEventDateFormat: "DD.MM",
                    fetchInterval: "5000",
                    calendars: [
                            symbol: "futbol",
                            url: "",

  • I’m guessing this is related to the post I made as well:

    The issue is what version of FontAwesome that comes integrated with the MagicMirror. You would have to pick an icon that is part of FontAwesome 4.7 to get it to work.

  • @lazyboy0284 Thanks. I could not find anything about it. Looks like I need go to back to school and take the course “How to use forum search” once more. Thanks for pointing me that way. I’ll use another symbol for now and wait until the next MM version with the fix is released.

  • Module Developer


    You could also try the icon “futbol-o”. Have verified this in my own setup, seems to be working fine.