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Some Calendar Icons Missing

  • I have been trying to figure out why some of the icons I have picked from the FontAwesome site won’t work with my calendar. I believe I figured out that it is related to using FontAwesome 4.7. FontAwesome5 is out, but I don’t know the details about how it, as I’m really not a developer, just a tinkerer.
    I wasn’t sure if this justified a bug, but it may be worth someone’s time to eventually look at updating FontAwesome versions.

    I should note this is on an RPi3 built in Oct2018, with I think MMv2.5.
    Trying to use an icon such as cross or church did not work in the calendar. birthday-cake and calendar-check-o work fine.
    I used Grep to look for birthday-cake and the reference hex value. I didn’t know how to modify the SVG file to add this icon. I found the FontAwesome4.7 download online and saw that these values were also not there. I also got a notification that FontAwesome5 is available upon trying to download 4.7.

  • Module Developer


    ‘cross’ and 'church aren’t in the font-awesome.css library for MagicMirror.

    the MM code is still set for version 4.7 and not yet for version 5.
    but even still, if it is not in the library, it wont work.

    Maybe you can put in a request to the developer?

  • Fontawesome has breaking changes it needs to be changed in the core project and in the way over 100 modules that are more or less maintained by other people. There is also a discussion somewhere on the magicmirror project.

  • @lazyboy0284 you’re lucky someone integrated the fontawsome v5 with backwards compatibility and it was merged today into the develop branch

  • Sorry but today in my calendar some symbols don’t work for example volleyball-ball, since yesterday they worked.
    What can I do?