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My chickens need HELP

  • ok, so i have a MM running in our bedroom with several modules on it running perfect. i have a second RPi in the chicken coop that has a 4 chan relay board running 4 scripts with cron. The Chicken coop is automated for the door to open in the morning and close at night, led lighting and a venting fan.

    My request, i want to see plain text on our bedroom MM of the script “printout” to show that the script has executed!

    Door open - ☑
    LED light - ☑
    Coop Fan - ✘

  • Moderator

    Would you just like to see some alert or message on screen? Or do you want to see the status all the time?

    You could use the syslog module to let your scripts send some content to the magic mirror:

  • Thanks @yawns for pointing me in the right direction. i want it to look like my Phillips HUE module ( ) thats on the right side, nice and simple but under the spotify section. not sure how to ask this, but
    door open - on or ran at said time…
    door closed
    led light

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