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MagicMirror on Windows 10

  • Re: Developers running Windows 10.

    Hi Guys (@KirAsh4, @arek123 ) is there anyone out there who had a short setup guide to make MagicMirror run on a Raspberry 3 with Windows 10 IOT on it?
    As there are some problems with electron maybe windows with edge could be a solution!

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    Open explorer

    create a new folder called magicmirror
    download magicmirror and unpack it in that dir

    Open a CMD window and go to the magicmirror directory

    Go to Node js and get node and install it…

    Once you have that installed go back to your CMD window and type in
    “npm install”

    If everything is in correctly it should install the magicmirror software

    Once that’s installed type “npm start”… should start the mirror…

    I don’t think I missed anything but if I did someone please feel free to point it out!

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