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Strange Icon behavior MMM-weatherforecast

  • I’m trying for hours to get the icons for the MMM-weatherforecast working.
    At the end I reacivated the Wounderground Module an the Icons show up.
    Commet out the Woudnerground Module the icons disappear …

    Any ideas ?

    I think wouderground is allready offline … Only show up " Loadig…"

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    Did you edit any of the module files or any css files?
    0_1541887958309_Screenshot from 2018-11-10 17-10-25.png

  • No I installed ist without changing anything …

    Config :

    		module: "MMM-weatherforecast",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				location: "",
    				locationID: "2832521",
    				units: "metric",
    				maxNumberOfDays: "7",
    				updateInterval: "36000000",
    				//showRainAmount: "true",
    				tableClass: "xsmall",
    				colored: "true",
    				iconTable: {
        					"01d": "wi-day-sunny",
        					"02d": "wi-day-cloudy",
        					"03d": "wi-cloudy",
        					"04d": "wi-cloudy-windy",
        					"09d": "wi-showers",
        					"10d": "wi-rain",
        					"11d": "wi-thunderstorm",
        					"13d": "wi-snow",
        					"50d": "wi-fog",
        					"01n": "wi-night",
        					"02n": "wi-night-cloudy",
        					"03n": "wi-night-cloudy",
        					"04n": "wi-night-cloudy",
        					"09n": "wi-night-showers",
        					"10n": "wi-night-rain",
        					"11n": "wi-night-thunderstorm",
        					"13n": "wi-night-snow",
        					"50n": "wi-night-alt-cloudy-windy"
    				roundTemp: "true",
    				appid: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


    Thats the look if the Wonderground Module is removed out of the config.


    If WG is active it looks like this …

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