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  • Hello,
    computer power supply failed. I don’t want to replace. I want to remove SATA hard disk

    and install temporarily in anoher pc which has no open SATA connectors on M/B. If I

    disconnect one of the drives to free up a connector can I later reconnect and not lose

    the data on it? How do I proceed in connecting the drive from the failed computer to this

    connection.(BIOS ?). Then after transferring the data, reconnectiong the old drive back

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    @martinbaker2727 - Yes, you can. My suggestion would be to follow these steps:

    • Turn off your target PC. Shut down, power off, the works.
    • Unplug the least important device with a SATA connection at the motherboard. Start with the DVD drive, if available. If the only thing available are hard drives, pick one that is used for video backup or game storage. You do not want to unplug the drive that contains the operating system.
    • Plug your hard disk into the freed up slot.
    • Boot the target computer. It should recognize the presence of a new drive and automatically mount it.
    • Transfer your data.
    • Shut down your computer. Power off, the works.
    • Unplug your hard disk and reconnect the device that you removed in step #2.

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