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Apache Permissions: can't duplicating config.js.sample

  • I’m new to this and getting stuck following Apache instructions. I would appreciate any guidanace.

    Apache Permissions. I can’t update or change anything in Apache even using sudo commands in Terminal. I am trying to copy file ~/config.js.sample from MagicMirror2 folder (cp sudo nano /var/www/html/MagicMirror/config/config.js.sample so that I can rename and remove the ‘sample’, but I am getting permissions denied. I can’t simple rename the config.js.sample file either. How can I edit files in Apache server? I have no experience with Apache permissions and can’t move forward until I get this resolved.


  • @CaptainFalcon323 What happens if you right click the Magic Mirror folder > Open in Terminal > and enter command npm start? Do you still get the ‘need to config’ prompt?

  • Figured this out. I was able to give my default user “pi” permissions to write in /var/www/

  • Admin

    @patm189 why (and how) are you using Apache vor MM v2 in the first place? It ships its own web server, you can’t use it with apache.

  • @paviro thanks for the comment. Honestly, I have no experience with this sort of thing so I’ve been following online tutorials saying to install Apache. I might just wipe my SD Card and start over (…again).

    Let me know if I’m misunderstanding, but if I install MagicMirror2 then I do not need Apache? Install link below:
    (curl -sL | bash)

    Which directory should I download this into? Once it’s installed, the other trouble I’m having is actually locating a index.php file, which is what I believe should launch with reboot once I adjust autostart file with this line (among others) @midori -e Fullscreen -a http://localhost/MagicMirror/index.php

    When I input this index.php file I get a Not Found error upon reboot and launch. THANK YOU!


  • Admin

    @patm189 there is no index.php anymore and no you don’t need Apache, you can’t use it actually. Download it anywhere you like, just follow the instructions in the README.

  • Thanks @paviro! [grabs cup of coffee] Going to take another crack at this!

  • Well i’ll be damned. Following the instructions worked! Haha. Thanks for bearing with me.

  • Hello all!

    I’m also new to this sort of thing (little/no coding experience) and I too have been following online tutorials but haven’t been getting results… So, I switched to following the README, but haven’t made it very far.

    I’ve downloaded the necessary files from git hub using:
    (curl -sL | bash)

    Due to my lack of coding knowledge, I’m unsure how to duplicate the config.js.sample file (so that the file becomes config.js) - referring to this line in the README:
    Duplicate "config/config.js.sample to config/config.js.

    I’ve tried typing this into the terminal under the magic mirror directory but nothing happens. I’ve also gone into my File Manager—> Directory Tree----> MagicMirror----> confi folder----> copied and pasted the “config.js.sample” file and renamed it to “config.js”.

    From there I’ve gone to https:///MagicMirror/ (from another computer on the same network)to see what it all looks like. I get a message that says I need to create a config file (of that mine has an error in it and to use a JavaScript Linter).

    Any and all help would be appreciated especially at an ELi5 level 😃 Thanks in advance!

  • go into the config directory with a terminal and type

    sudo cp config.js.sample config.js

  • Admin

    @feuerball sudo should not be necessary.

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