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[MMM-Dreambox] to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer

  • Hi,

    What does pm2 log say?

    And do you see omxplayer in the process list ?

    $ ps -eaf | grep omxplayer | grep -v grep

    Finally, can you see if omxplayer works standalone ?

    $ omxplayer --vol -6000 --win "0 0 720 576" --live

  • Module Developer

    I have some ideas and need your feedback:

    • is there a special reason why you are using the dev branch? If not, try the master branch instead
    • is streaming of recordings working?
    • your log shows that omx player is doing something, please consider it takes up to 15 seconds before a stream starts after you send DB-Play
    • are your enigma2 settings on your VU like this (similar, the following screenshot is of a Dreambox DM800SE with a oozoon image):


  • Hey Guys,

    thanks a lot for your help. I checked everything you mentioned.

    But at last the problem was that I did everything which is written in the Tutorial for installing MagicMirror on a Raspberry 😉 !

    In the Tutorial for “Configuring the Raspberry Pi” is recommended to enable the OpenGL-Driver. I did it before installing anything else.
    But this was the Problem, when I disable this driver, omxplayer works fine with this module.

  • Module Developer

    I am glad the module works for you.
    Have fun.



  • Yes, works perfect as you can see on the picture.


    Now I finally have to build the frame with the mirror ;-).