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Installing on a Pi Zero

  • Hi everyone…

    After lot’s of tinkering I finally got this to work on a Pi Zero W. I have answered a couple of people in the forum about this, so I thought I would put up a link to my github where I have put in each of the files I used.

    I have also tried making a single installer script for Pi Zero/2B/3B; if you have both platforms and the time to do it, please run bash -c "$(curl -sL" from the terminal and let me know how you get on… I have tested on the Pi Zero and it appears to work fine but advice or feedback still welcomed.

    Here is a pdf guide for the process.

    Some people reported difficulties when installing over SSH. The guide does tell you how to do it headless too (TL;DR: use SSH to enable VNC Server using raspi-config && download RealVNC Connect && connect headless using RealVNC Connect/VNC Viewer)


  • Moderator

    Thank you. I did not test it as I do not own a Pi Zero, but it looks good. I pinned it to the top

  • I can confirm this works. To run server cd MagicMirror then run command node server only.

    Appreciate this work!

  • great 🙌 i think your zero repository should be mentioned in the main MM readme

  • @ramez Thanks Ramez, I was hoping someone might say that; don’t know who is the contributors to the main repository. Happy for a link to be passed, or for my repo to be placed back in the MM repo.

  • @aidandon you will only need to cd MagicMirror and run node server only immediately after first install if you want it straight away. Otherwise when you reboot it will go automatically (after about a 1 minute or so wait)

  • Module Developer

    @andyc7687 Nice work. I think you should fork the MagicMirror repository, add merge your scripts with the installers/ script for direct implementation in the project.

  • @idoodler Thanks for that advice, I have forked the original MagicMirror repo, but no idea how to merge scripts on github…

  • Module Developer

    @andyc7687 You need to do the following:

    • Clone your forked repository to your local machine
    • Adopt installers/ to include your Raspberry Pi Zero specific code
    • Commit and push your changes to Github
    • Test it on a Raspberry Pi Zero by execute bash -c "$(curl -sL"
    • Create a Pull Request on the original MagicMirror repository

    Just contact me if you need any help, I can also test your changes, I have a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W on hand.

  • @idoodler Great! I think I may have done it! I have tested most of it I think on a Pi Zero W and on a Pi 3B+; is anyone able to check whether any of my changes have affected usability on the Pi 3B and Pi 2 before I submit the pull request?

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