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Google maps API key

  • Hi, guys! I’m asking for help about google api key because it only provides $200 per year, so it’s about 4 requests in a day. What shall I change in this module MMM-MyCommute to make more requests. Maybe it will ask other sites. It’s perfectly for me to get a request to this Yandex map.

  • @banandze add this to your config that is every 10 minutes just google milliseconds into minutes and adjust to what ever time you want

    pollFrequency: 600000,

  • @dazza120 Thank you for answer, but it won’t be free to make more than 4 requests in a day to google. And this is the problem. I can add pollFrequency but it will cost $7 per 1000 requests. I’m trying to find free solution

  • I’m in the same boat, I am also lost as to how to set this up. I’m currently using MMM-Traffic and it was able to pull general data but not include any actual commute times based on traffic. Is there a step by step place I can go to to configure billing for my project and also set up some sort of quota so that it just stops working when I hit $200? In reality, I really just need one request a day at 6 AM to show the commute time when I leave, nothing more than that at all. Is that possible as well to configure that in my module (or another module if not possible with this one?)

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    I don’t understand. You can use MMM-MyCommute with a free Google API can’t you? I used it for months, but not currently.
    Are we talking about the same module/API?

    @ooom416354 MMM-MyCommute should be perfectly suitable for you

  • @lavolp3 OK great, I will try that. It will show traffic as well, right? Do you know what exactly i need to do to set it up so that it’s only the one call a day needed? and for the life of me i just can’t figure out how to set it up on the google console to limit it so i dont go over 200 per year. I know i need billing added which is fine, but i am concerned as to how many requests im making through the mirror. I just want to make sure that whatever i install is literally just 1 per day allowed.

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    I THINK you can use the Google maps API unlimited for this purpose for your $200-but-free-subscription. You don’t need to consider limiting to a few calls per day. It is a bit oddly presented by google.

    Please confirm someone.


  • @lavolp3 yea that’s what I’ve been looking at, the whole list is so strangely presented. i just deleted whatever projects I had and am going to start from scratch with a new API key but the quotas and stuff like that is just impossible to figure out where and what I’m entering in so I just wanted to make sure that the requests are limited by the MM module.

  • @lavolp3 so, our requests will be free? Because google changed his rules few months ago and I can’t find right information about it.

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